Healthy Eating and Lifestyles

We believe good nutrition in the early years is vital. At Little Jems Nursery in Carlisle we continuously evaluate and develop our menus and snacks inline with ‘The Children’s Food Trust’, given food standards. We offer a varied menu of tasty food that’s nutritionally balanced.

We work in partnership with NHS Cumbria, promoting Smile4Life – a programme that supports healthy eating, healthy lifestyles and oral health. Through this we have gained the Smile4Life Healthy Eating award.

Below is a sample menu showing the types and range of food we prepare on site. Water is served with Lunch and a choice of water or milk at snack times. Water is also available in each room throughout the day.

Meal Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10am Snack Rice cakes with bananas Cucumber & carrots with a cucumber & mint dip and wholemeal pitta bread Melon with toasted muffin and milk Breadsticks with a homemade dip and pears Breadsticks with vegetable sticks and cheese cubes
Lunch Chickpea curry with brown rice and vegetables.

Rice pudding with sultanas
Cottage pie with seasonal vegetables.

Apricot slice
Pilchards in tomato sauce with jacket potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Pear and apple crumble with crème fraîche
Chicken casserole served with white rice and vegetables.

Warm plum and apple compote with a vanilla sauce
Roast turkey, roast Potatoes and vegetables.

Homemade scones with jam
3pm Snack Wholemeal cheese spread sandwiches with melon Cream crackers, soft cheese, carrot and cucumber Bread sticks with soft cheese and tomatoes Wholemeal pitta bread with houmous and vegetable sticks Fromage fraise with fresh pineapple
Little Jems Nursery, Carlisle
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